Digital and Interior Photography in Berkshire

Interior Design Photography.

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I remember  with the introducing of the digital format in photography  all professionals, myself included all said it won`t take over the slide/transparency  film format as the quality achieved by the medium was quite simply, outstanding. Albeit very time consuming to achieve with additional lighting and Polaroid test shots. On average a traditional 3 bedroom house would take anything between 4-5 hours to complete.

Move forward some 10 years to today and the impact digital has had on photography , at best would be considered a revolution in the photography market. Things have improved some much its quiet breathtaking. Its immediate and with the high quality of cameras/lenses/processing techniques make the impossible achievable.

Today your average 3 bedroom house would take under 2 hours without any loss of  quality, in fact the opposite is true as the final results are by far and wide, superior to film.

For Interior Designers looking for outstanding photographs of their completed projects now  means outstanding results, minimal disrupting to your clients  quick turnaround and the opportunity  to highlight a stunning design on your websites within hours, which helps for future commissions.

The future of digital is very much in place and each year things just keep improving, ironically as I sit here doing this piece for the blog I`m listening to the latest  Radiohead album on vinyl, so not all things have changed for me but in photography, its change for the better.

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