Wedding This Summer at Croyden Hall, Somserset.

Alison & Chris married this summer at Croyden Hall, Somerset.

A family weekend wedding of Chris & Alison at this stunning Croyden Hall, Somerset wedding venue with beautiful garden features, an Italian garden with various water features and a stunning view. It was very much hands on for family members as their arrived Friday night for a quiz night followed by a stunning wedding the following day which ended with a Carly dance night, who could ask for more.





In 1198 the Croydon Estate was home to a community of Cistercian monks, part of Cleeve Abbey. Since the departure of the monks, the site of Croydon Hall has seen a variety of uses from a feudal farm to a residential school for girls. An even wider variety of residents have passed through the grounds, including a magistrate who possibly used the property as a courtroom, to war time evacuees and, of course, the eccentric German Count. It was the latter who was responsible for many of the beautiful garden features which include the Italian garden and the various water features that can be found within the grounds.

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