New Trends in Wedding`s.

After all, its all about those wedding moments.


Weddings for the last few years have developed with a variety of different themes,

A classic or traditional wedding.
Contemporary elegance.
Vintage style.
Romantic vineyard.
Rustic wedding.
On the beach.
DIY wedding.
Bohemian romance.
Industrial inspired.
Country or farm wedding.
Country or farm wedding.
Glamorous and luxurious
and finally, Fantasy.


Not too sure if I have missed one or two but rest assured your find many a pinterest page devoted to many of these styles. So how do these themes effect your wedding photography. For me absolutely nothing (many will disagree), its still a wedding and weddings are driven by people, after all they are the main focus of any wedding day up and down the country. As a wedding photographer in Berkshire I see weddings as organic, something that will , even after the planning in the world beforehand will unfold in a beautiful, natural way. The weather first a foremost is one of those, as any bride and groom that got soaked on the day of their wedding will tell you, we booked our day in August and did not see that coming. Lighting is a major influence on the look of your wedding photos, my favourite month for wedding photography is October, but other than getting married first thing in the morning or late afternoon, its really the only month that truly offers stunning light. Your wedding venue lighting has a big influence on the look of your wedding photos, choose a wedding venue that has a business conference feel to it with flat dull lighting with an orange twinge, and rest assured compare a  wedding photo taken in lighting within a 12th century church and the difference is very marked.

Time on a wedding day is very important, don`t assume when everything is laid on a spreadsheet that it will work like clockwork,  one of the biggest misses i see repeated time and time again is immediately after the wedding service, don`t go straight into your organised wedding photos at this moment, allow for time for you to be congratulated by all your wedding guest, after all they have just witness you getting married and naturally want to greet you both (and its for me one of the wedding photography highs) and you have invited them all to your wedding day so why not spend time with them.

How much time to spend with your photographer for those photos of the two of you. I hear many stories of couples disappearing at their wedding for their photos, this for me is not my style of working, yes you want some great photos but within a reasonable amount of time, generally its 20 minutes and ideally around the time your guests are being seated for the wedding breakfast and then maybe a couple after the meal.


Wedding at Heron`s Barn, Pangbounre.

The wedding speeches!!!

The confetti photo.

Bridal preparations.

Bridesmaid wedding dress.

wedding speeches,

Speeches at a wedding.

Wedding reception.

wedding drinks reception.

Bride & groom wedding photos.

Wedding reception.

Games after your wedding

Grooms wedding speech.

Back of the wedding dress.

recently married.

Church Interior.

Wedding service.

Wedding guests.

Herons Barn wedding late summer.

Wedding in Ascot.


As for photography equipment on the day of a wedding, I use 2 cameras, both canon 5d mark 3 and just 3 lenses, the 35mm, 50mm and 100mm with 90% of a wedding mainly using the 50mm and 100mm.

As you can see wedding photography offers a lot of great opportunities to capture your wedding day in a natural process, as your see from the following links its something Imagetext wedding Photography offer, Wedding In Reading, BerkshireWedding in Newbury, Ufton Court, Reading, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire Wedding,  

Recent Wedding, Berkshire



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